Saturday, October 04, 2008

Have you boo'd your neighbor?'s that time of year again!

What is "Boo'ing"?
Boo'ing is a fun neighborhood activity usually done throughout the month of October. You leave a surprise on a neighbor's door step, ring the bell and sneak away....they open the door and find your special treat. They, in turn, make a treat for two more neighbors and hopefully it goes on and on with everyone getting and giving a Halloween surprise.

With your treat (home made or store bought...I even saw complete "kits" at Target) you leave a poem explaining the tradition and the "rules" as well as a sign for the receiver to put in their window letting other neighbors know that they've already been boo'd.

Here's last years "Boo" I'll wait until later this month to post pics of this year's package.

Kainoa is beginning to understand the "ding & dash" concept....but has more fun seeing the neighbor smile when they find their surprise.

To find variations of the poem and "I've Been Boo'd" signs, check out the resources below:

Have fun!

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