Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall Fun

A Northern California tradition to usher in fall.....A Trip to Apple Hill
While I was only in the midwest for a few years, some of my favorite memories include trips to the cider mills.....oh, and those doughnuts! And, I remember going up to Paradise to Johnny Appleseed days. So, I was pretty excited to hear about Apple Hill near Placerville. Last year, we took little Kainoa, but it was damp and cold and waaaaay too busy (we went late on a Sunday afternoon). So, this year, we marked it on the calendar, took advantage of Kainoa's "early to rise" attitude and headed out early this morning. Brisk air, beautiful sunshine, no crowds, fresh doughnuts and LOTS of acorns. Absolutely perfect!

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Sarah k said...

Holy HUGE pumpkin Jen! LOL... I love that picture.. He is so big!!!!! How wonderful to see him growing so handsome and healthy!

Sarah k.