Sunday, September 30, 2007

Toot Toot

Kainoa has taken to trains and trucks....every time we see or hear a train or a truck he exclaims "Toot Toot" and does the appropriate sign for whichever is near (Train) or (Truck). So, when we went to Fairy Tale Town this morning, he was most interested in the huge train. He's never shown much interest in any of the climbing structures (except the playground) so we were very excited when he climbed aboard and took his turn "driving" the train.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Just being silly....

The silly bug caught Kainoa and Daddy this weekend:

Saturday, September 01, 2007

San Francisco

Today we escaped the Sacramento heat (100+) and took the Vallejo Ferry to Pier One and the Ferry Building. Even though Timi makes the trek most days of the week, today was Kainoa's first (of many, I hope). We had such a wonderful day. The ferry ride is quick and always reminds me of ferry trips we took as a family on the Bremerton ferry in Washington State.....I'm just so excited to be able to share this with Timi & Kainoa.
It was a perfect weather day. Absolutely clear blue sky and shining bay. I always love seeing all the sail boats and had a wonderful time pointing them out to Kainoa. We even had a helicopter fly overhead! We stood out on the observation deck for part of the ride and my little sailor loved the wind in his hair and watching the waves form behind us as we sped along.

We had a fantastic lunch at Taylor's Automatic Refresher. Their sweet potato fries are worth the trip alone!!! We then walked along the Embarcadero and enjoyed the cool breeze off the bay. The fact that the Bay Bridge is closed for the weekend certainly didn't keep many people from enjoying The City. So many different people, different languages....I so love San Francisco!

We headed to Pier 39 and Fisherman's Warf. But, instead of going through the heart of the pier, we walked around it and Kainoa enjoyed the boats and all the seagulls. The highlight was when we approached the cacophony of barks from the hundreds (at least it seemed like it) of sea lions basking in the sun. We could have stayed there for an hour, Kainoa was fascinated!

POOPED! This picture says it all....

Want to join us next time??? We'll save you a seat on the Ferry :-)