Thursday, May 31, 2007

My boys....

On Monday we took advantage of the beautiful morning and a day off for all of us. We headed to the zoo AND Fairy Tale town. It was so much fun. Kainoa showed daddy all the best parts of Fairy Tale town....the pigs, the goats and of course, the watering can in the garden.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I want to ride my bicycle....

Ok, maybe not yet....but soon. For now, we'll have to settle for the bike trailer. We've had a couple great bike rides and I'm so happy that we can get back into an activity that we've (me, anyway) put on hold since Kainoa came home. He loves riding back there...he just has to get used to the helmet. Thanks Grandma and Paka...we love it!

Fun new find...for any of you that love music and enjoy supporting new artists. Our friend's sister has come out with her debut album and what a wonderful album it is! I highly recommend you check it out. We just got it in today's mail (a brief "3 cheers" for CDBaby..I ordered it on Thursday and used just their regular shipping) and have it on repeat so it's been playing for the last couple hours. Kainoa loves it, too...he's particularly fond of Sugar (#4) and Chega De Saudade (#5) both very dance-able. For those of you here in Sacramento...she's also a local. For more about Jacosa...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

My sweet baby....

Taking the Wheel

Thank you all who have been supportive during this most recent transition to day care and my new job. Your encouraging words have been so wonderful. My new job is AWESOME! I can't wait to get groovin'....I have so much to learn and am loving every bit of research I'm doing.
Day care update We've made it through two weeks now and all is well. We've survived our first cold (yes, after only 4 days he brought home a cold) and a transition from weekend back to "school." He's doing wonderfully and each day seems to be a bit easier and he's a bit more comfortable to be himself. He's even doing 'art.' I had the pleasure of watching him play one day before he noticed I was there. It's hard to describe, but it was so neat watching him. He's still cautious and always has a serious look on his face. He seems to be intentional in every move he makes and is very aware of his surroundings. I'm still learning so much about him and his wonderful personality. Then...the look when he sees me. It's the best look. It melts my heart and makes me smile throught my whole being. His little legs can't carry him fast enough and he flaps his arms as if they'll propel him over to me.

RyRy & Kainoa Swimming

Mother's Day After many years of bittersweet (some were downright sad) Mother's Days...I've had two very special ones. Exactly a year ago, we found out about Kainoa. It was such a wonderful heart was light and we were so excited...I hadn't started to feel the weight of the wait yet. Then, of course, this year, he's here with us. My hubby and little boy took me out for pancakes...what a treat! Then, we had my parents, brothers and their families over for lunch and swimming. The food was delicious, as always, and we had so much to celebrate. We are expecting a new neice next month and my 8 month pregnant SIL was absolutely glowing. I've said it before...and I'll say it again...thank goodness for families...especially Moms.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

What a Week!

It was truly another week full of firsts. We entered the world of daycare. Just the sound of it used to make my stomach knot up. It doesn't really matter that during and for a year after college, I worked for an early intervention preschool and throughout high school I babysat and worked for inhome child care providers. Over the last few months, we even visited many day cares and talked with parents that had their children in day care...I was sure I was prepared. Simply, I was not.
Monday we did great getting up, eating breakfast, getting showered and dressed. Kainoa even got into his car seat without a struggle. We were going to this! **deep sigh** Then, I walked in the door. No tears, just a knot the size of an orange in the pit of my stomach. Then, I walked in the door to the toddler room. Still, no tears, just a bigger knot and squeezing my baby just a little bit tighter and I swear, he was hugging a bit tighter, too. The teachers were there and pleased to see us. Seven other little people were playing and quite interested in us. They all seemed happy, surely, this would easy. Put him down, get a toy, give a kiss and go on my way. Well...not really.
Ms Christine started filling out paperwork and I was spelling our last name. As I came to the b (a natural pause for me) the tears came...along with a nice little hiccup/sob. The teacher's face fell and asked me quickly if everything was ok. Well, of course everything's ok...I'm just leaving my baby with you and this means so much else is also changing. (read with just a little sarcasm). She was very compassionate and I really just thought the above sentence. She assured me it was totally normal and I could stay as long as I liked.
I was prepared to stay an hour, but it became clear that Kainoa would not explore the wonderful toys and books until I was no longer there. So, after about 30 minutes, Ms Christine offered a toy and I slipped out. I don't know if I've talked much about Kainoa's keen sense of my location at all times, but it was on overdrive. As soon as I opened the door to the room to leave he screamed. Oh heart tore and I couldn't leave. So, I stayed a few more minutes and tried again. This time, he cried, too. But, I went in to talk with the Director about our paperwork and then left. Of course, I was crying while talking with her, too. She was very sweet and assured me that I could stay in the office and watch him, if I wanted. Although I desperately wanted to, I knew that if he saw me, it would make it only worse. So, I left and called 10 minutes later. He was fine and they were playing outside. **another deep sigh** Ok, we can do this!

Fast forward to today, Thursday. We've had 4 drop offs, 4 pick ups, four lunches, 8 snacks and even 2 naps! He cries a little less each day. The teachers are getting to know him. They let him eat in a high chair and nap in a crib...much easier transition than going straight to the cot and table & chair. My "guilt knot" is still there and will probably take a while to shrink a bit. I really don't want to go into that here and now, I'm sure I'll discuss my thoughts on it at some point, but for now, it's there for better or for worse.

Now, for some fun....

As a little gift to ourselves for surviving Monday, we went out and bought a blow up pool. Yes, it was warm enough here to break out the swim trunks! Here are my Bathing Beauties....

Friday, May 04, 2007

Home 6 Months Already!!!

This past weekend marked a number of significant dates for us. Kainoa is now 15 months old and we had our well baby check up...he's doing fabulously. He's in the 80 percentile for height, 25 percentile for weight and developmentally right on target. We're so proud of his transition and growth! Of course, we couldn't escape without a few shots...4 to be exact. He was not a happy camper, but fortunately he recovered quickly.

Thursday was our final Diaper Daredevil's class. It's been so much fun watching Kainoa grow and develop over the last 4 months as he explored the various trampolines, mats, balls, hoops and parachutes. I'm sort of sad that we won't be going anymore...I looked forward to watching Kainoa climb and get more adventurous each time.

Today was the highlight! We met up with some friends and explored Fairy Tale Town. We got there early, before the rush. It had been raining over night, so it was especially empty. We really had the run of the place for the first hour or so. The kids had a lot of fun climbing and sliding as well as talking to the goats, pot belly pigs and bunnies. Kainoa was particularly fond of the mud and many puddles. I should post an "after" pic. :-) Below is Kainoa fascinated by the Japanese garden and stream.

Next week is the beginning of our transition to day care...keep us in your prayers and wish us luck! I'll let you know how it goes.