Friday, May 04, 2007

Home 6 Months Already!!!

This past weekend marked a number of significant dates for us. Kainoa is now 15 months old and we had our well baby check up...he's doing fabulously. He's in the 80 percentile for height, 25 percentile for weight and developmentally right on target. We're so proud of his transition and growth! Of course, we couldn't escape without a few shots...4 to be exact. He was not a happy camper, but fortunately he recovered quickly.

Thursday was our final Diaper Daredevil's class. It's been so much fun watching Kainoa grow and develop over the last 4 months as he explored the various trampolines, mats, balls, hoops and parachutes. I'm sort of sad that we won't be going anymore...I looked forward to watching Kainoa climb and get more adventurous each time.

Today was the highlight! We met up with some friends and explored Fairy Tale Town. We got there early, before the rush. It had been raining over night, so it was especially empty. We really had the run of the place for the first hour or so. The kids had a lot of fun climbing and sliding as well as talking to the goats, pot belly pigs and bunnies. Kainoa was particularly fond of the mud and many puddles. I should post an "after" pic. :-) Below is Kainoa fascinated by the Japanese garden and stream.

Next week is the beginning of our transition to day care...keep us in your prayers and wish us luck! I'll let you know how it goes.

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