Tuesday, February 05, 2008

We Voted

What an amazing day....and not in my usual "amazing day" type of posts.

Today is a special day for Californians (and residents of 24 other US states). We're voting in our primary today and our choices are historic (ok, two of them are). It truly is a Super Tuesday! This is not a political blog, (there are others that are far more articulate than I) so I won't go into my opinions, although they really aren't that hard to find (hint ----->)
but I voted with pride today and excitedly told Kainoa why this was such a magnificent day. To be honest, he was far more interested in the dog waiting for his person outside the polling location than he was in his gushing momma, but I can only hope this was a first of many political discussions in our home.

Please vote in your local primary or caucus and share your voice.