Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween....Part 2

What a fun day! Kainoa has been so good.
You may remember last year's catastrophe of a costume. But, this year....he was all bat! He loved wearing his costume and when it was time for bed and time to take off the costume, he proudly informed us that he wasn't done wearing it yet!

We live in a wonderful neighborhood on a tucked-away street, so there was little traffic and only a few children (much quieter this year....maybe due to the rain?). So, it was a perfect first trick-or-treating experience for him. There was one house that was "too scary" but they were wonderful and came out to him.

After visiting our neighbors, Kainoa, Officer Punkinhead and I sat on the front porch handing out candy to the couple dozen children that came by....K was very generous....even giving treats to the adults that accompanied the kiddos.

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Sarah k said...

That is a cute costume!!! Love it! Jer went as Elmo!!

Sarah k