Saturday, October 06, 2007

Fall ... Our favorite season

Have you been "Boo'ed" yet? It's a really fun tradition in our neighborhood. I look forward to it each year. To start "Boo'ing" in your neighborhood....check this out!
Farmer's Market Fun
Davis has one of the best local farmer's market. Not just because the produce (and pastries, and honey and kettle korn) is fresh, usually organic and always beautiful...but because there is so much to see and do that a whole morning slips away and everyone has a good time.

They have this fabulous merry go 'round that is pedal-powered. Grandma and Paka took Kainoa on his first ride a couple weeks ago and when we went to the market this morning, Kainoa remembered and led us straight to it. We watched for awhile, then he got in line, paid his dollar and picked out the frog. He rode it all by himself....I was amazed as I watched him hold on tight with both hands. He's grown up so much.

The "Peddler"

Timi and I must use incredible self-control when we approach the Lab Rescue booth. They always have such sweet Labs and that's how we found Sheba. Kainoa doesn't help much either...he loves them so much!

Another 'Trick' Wouldn't you love to be this flexible???


Sherry said...

I just found your blog & your son is just adorable! He's very talented to beable to flex those feet all the way to his mouth like that. LOL! :)

Anonymous said...

A-HA! Proof that our favorite neighbors were in fact our "Boo-ers":) The boys were so excited that night and we enjoyed every last morsel of those yummy cookies pictured here. We also had a great time a couple of nights later taking treats to more of the neighbors. Remind me to tell you my funny booing story later. I've seen quite a few "we've been boo'd" signs on doors and in windows on the street. Thanks for starting all the fun!

Katrina :)