Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Apples, Pumpkins and Parent's Night...Oh My!!

What a wonderful time of year! I got out of the car yesterday and the first thing I smelled was freshly raked leaves and a burning fireplace. Two undeniably "fall" smells. Two smells that bring instant comfort and a desire to wrap up in the softest afgan we have. The smells of fall are, for me, second only to the distinctive smells of late summer in Colusa County...part tomato harvest, part hot sun and part drying prunes.

October is a very emotional month for us....highs and lows. But, having Kainoa with us has made the highs even higher and the lows seem not so low. We're having the most fun exploring pumpkin patches, cider mills, petting zoos and our very first Parent's Night!

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