Monday, September 15, 2008

Well....I guess it couldn't last

Saturday night was the end of a pretty nice run....we went to the ER for the first time in two years. Can you believe it??? A little guy, who's all boy, had never seen the inside of an emergency room.

It all started when my monkey was jumping on the bed...well, that's a bit dramatic...he was bouncing on the toddler bed mattress on our floor (for those late night visits...a partial remedy to this problem). He got just a bit too close to the desk and the corner reached out and got him...right on the chin! He ended up biting through his bottom lip. Lots of blood and tears later, we were sitting in the ER and waiting for a very kind Dr to remind Kainoa that monkeys are NOT to be jumping on the bed (even if that bed is on the floor)

I will spare you the details of the actual treatment...let's just say there was A LOT more crying. But, that crazy glue stuff is stitches for curious little fingers to pick at.

UPDATE: The lip is healing beautifully and we're done with the antibiotics. Thanks for all your 'get well' wishes.


Sarah k said...

No more monkeys jumping on the bed!!!
I don't know why but when I hear about bed and children, that rhyme comes to head!! I hope healing is quick hon and I am sorry you all ended up in the emergency. That is never a good feeling but it does make a family stronger somehow.

Sarah k

Katrina said...

Happy to hear you all survived the first trip to the ER! Amazingly, we have not had that adventure yet, but with two active boys, I know it's coming! Glad you're okay, Kainoa!