Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I can do it myself!!!

Kainoa has been using a spoon for some time now...but usually it's in one hand and he eats whatever's in his bowl with his other hand unless it's something sticky or gooey, then he's a master at the spoon. Well...the last few weeks have been what I can only imagine as a glimpse into full fledged toddler independence. He must do it himself! He has no interest in being fed and gets quite noisy if I insist on feeding him (usually in the interest of time), which usually manafests as a screech, a vise-like grip on the spoon and a "no, no, no." This is good, right?!?

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jenduran78 said...

Cute picture of Mr. Independent. I keep thinking of him singing the Itsy-Bitsy Spider...he is getting so big. He is a little doll.