Wednesday, June 06, 2007

It's June...therefore it's time for a picnic!!

Last Saturday we had a fantastic time meeting up with other families that have adopted children from Taiwan. So many of the children were at St Lucy's along with Kainoa...what a joy to be able to connect in this fun way. I sincerely hope (and will do my part) that we continue to meet up at least once a year to continue to foster these relationships and nurture this common heritage our children share.

Race, heritage and multicultural families have been a common theme in many of my conversations this week. Maybe stemming from the picnic, maybe from reading this post about finding a school that embraces cultural differences, whatever the impetus, I'm glad. My job (my life, actually) affords me the opportunity to explore these issues every day.... how cool is that?!?! I love that I can talk with friends, colleagues and clients about race & culture, our experiences, our expectations, and our challenges and truly let these be as they are...learn from them, not judge them. How blessed am I? Very.


plumm said...

Hey there Jen~

I read that post also...a lot to think about. Looks like the picnic was great fun.

Jackie Wu said...


Shaun, Simon and I were all sick, so we couldn't make it to the picnic.:( Looks like you had a lot fun! Wish we were there!