Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day...and a Weekend of Nursery Rhymes

Three Boys in A Tub
Kainoa and his cousins enjoying the hot tub.

Kainoa Be Nimble

Today we celebrated Father's Day with my dad, my brothers and of course, Timi. Thank goodness for the wonderful men our families that take the roll of "Father" seriously and relish being called "Dad." There is no question how dedicated Timi, Andy, Robert, Scott, Geoff, Andrew and Rick are to their families. Timi and I are grateful to the men we call Dad for being such strong role models and guiding us as we learn to parent our children.

As many of you know, Kainoa is full of energy (far more than his dad and I have....combined!) When he's up, he's up and when he's sleeping, he's down for the count. This weekend was no exception. We spent Saturday morning with a great group of friends from our playgroup exploring Fairy Tale Town. He always enjoys talking with the animals, climbing on the benches...climbing on everything, actually, and the very highlight of our visit is watering the vegetable garden. He goes straight for the watering cans, picks one and waits for me to fill it with water. Then, he proceeds to dump the water on the nearest plant and his feet. Same routine, same huge smile. But, moments after he's safely strapped in his car seat, blanket in his lap and paci tucked between his lips...he's OUT. Ahhh....the life! Play hard, sleep well. We should all be so lucky.

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