Friday, April 06, 2007

Our First Trip to the Beach

We had a wonderful trip to Bodega Bay for spring break thanks to my parents generosity. My brothers, their families, my parents and us all met up at a great house for a week long break. Great food, Great company, a Fantastic Clown Fish kite and even a few whale sightings!

Kainoa wasn't too sure when he first touched down on the cool sand...but he sure enjoyed walking on it once he realized he could wipe off his hands. He REALLY didn't like it on his hands. I wished I could have captured that look on his face...clearly it said "GET IT OFF, NOW." He also enjoyed all the birds and dogs on the beach.

This trip was also another first for us...Kainoa's first time away from home for overnight. What an experience! I don't know what I would have done without my parents. (Mom & Dad, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!) I was sick, Timi wasn't there the first couple nights because he had to work, they only had a small version of a Pack 'N Play (any of you with kiddos from St Lucy's know the evil that is the Pack 'N Play) and I forgot to pack a nightlight. Hmmm....all those things add up to A LOT of crying (both mine and Kainoa's) and not a lot of sleeping (everyone in the house). Anyway...we were creative and all learned a lot and eventually got some sleep. To Kainoa's credit (and my relief) he did sleep the whole last night in the Pack 'N Play without any problems!

I'd post more pics, but sadly, there was a finger print in the middle of my lense and all the photos came back with a blurry spot in the middle of them. :-(

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