Monday, April 16, 2007


So, if anyone ever wondered if Kainoa "belongs" in our's proof positive! He is a definite cake (and ice cream, and cookie, and pretty much anything sweet and tooth decaying) eater. We have been blessed with a little guy with a great appetite (among soooo many other wonderful attributes). He'll try just about mom still gives me a lovingly hard time for the variety of food that I offer him and he usually eats. Stroganoff is one of his favorites. A true foodie in the making! A mama couldn't be happier.

A good friend tells me repeatedly..."Thank Goodness children are cute and do something endearing keeps you from killing them." whoa nelly thank goodness for his adorable giggle and the Tums 'Rattle' Kainoa found in his morning exploration of the bathroom. He came out shaking the Tums bottle and carrying his favorite toothbrush and laughing. It had been a particularly challenging morning with a late night for me and a very early morning for him. He was into EVERYTHING, starting with the diaper pail, moving to the garbage bag I was taking out then to the dog food & water bowls, then on to the shoes in the closet and putting them in the hall. He was non-stop! I can't blame him...all those things were so tempting and interesting to a 15 month old and it was my fault for leaving them so accessible....but geez....couldn't he have woken up and just wanted to read or snuggle all morning?!? A mama can dream.... Oh yeah, and another thing toddlers help with....reminding you where you forgot (or were too lazy) to babyproof. Oh well, another project for nap time!

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jenduran78 said...

Yes, you do have a busy little man :o) Just wait until he start running!!! I love the caught red handed picture. We love him lots.