Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's been a long time...again!

Well, life with a three year has proven to be very busy. I truly believe he does not stop unless he's sleeping, and even then he's still wiggly! I'm going through photos over the last few weeks and will post over the next couple days. Enjoy!
Hanging Out with our Friends
Kingston, Maile & Kainoa fascinated by the bees.
Brothers Kai & Kingston sharing a smoothie.
Kainoa & Maile checking out the baby lambs.
Kainoa & Maile sharing a smoothie.
(I love Maile's look!)

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Katrina said...

Love the new posts, Jen. Thanks so much for introducing us to the Dixon May Fair. We had such a fun time! That picture of Kainoa & Maile is too, too cute. :)