Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Here's a confession post....I'm addicted.

My name is Jennifer and I am addicted to TV and internet access.

I had a very sad realization (yes, everything is relative and in the grand scheme of things, this rates very low in importance) that I love watching TV and am completely addicted to checking email and jumping online when I just needed to know something.

Due to corporate takeovers and buyouts, we got caught in a cable tv/internet service blackout last week....since we use Vonage, we also lost our home phone service! I must admit, I've taken our service for granted and missed it when it was gone.

But, truth be told....I liked having the TV off. I liked talking with my husband. I liked not having the distraction when playing with our son. I liked the quiet.

In my old JVC days, we would do energy-fasts.....intentionally walking instead of driving, turning off tvs, radios, lights, etc. to not only conserve energy, but also to remove the distractions and spend quality time with one another.

In effect, our household had a version of an energy fast. And, we are better because of it.


Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

I am not much of a tv addict, but internet is another story. I like your description of "energy fast"...didn't realize you were a JVC. Did you have a good experience? Just catching up on your blog and can't get over how big your little guy is these days.

Sarah k said...

LOL... ok.. that is just funny... but hon.. you are not alone! My name is Sarah k. and I too am addicted to internet access!....lol