Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bad Momma Blogger

Hi Friends...
Sorry I've been MIA....I've been a bit overwhelmed. Life is good! Life is full! What more can you ask for....other than a little more time in the day or extra energy at the end of it?? So, in the rare moment of quiet and nothing scheduled for the next 4 hours (although I do have to get ready at some point for a 1st birthday party) I will do my best to catch you up on Our Family Adventures! ( I will try for cronological order....but no promises)
Aunt Kathy came to play for
Kainoa's 2nd Birthday

Kainoa was fascinated by the many animals at the Oakland Zoo. He found a brass frog.
Daddy took Kainoa on his first "real" Train ride.

Everyone got in on playing in the sprinklers on the first really warm day of Spring.

Easter Egg Hunt at Fairy Tale LandCan you find Kainoa?? Neither can I :-)

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Sarah k said...

The duck picture of Kainoa watching them swim is priceless Jen!