Sunday, July 08, 2007

We found another Fairy Tale Land

We took a little trip over to Oakland to explore their version of Fairy Tale land. It was huge! Lots of rides, animals, things to climb on, marionnette puppet shows, children's theater and very clean bathrooms with large stalls and changing tables in both men's and women's restrooms. (yes, sometimes, it's a clean bathroom that makes the biggest least on the mamas and daddies).

Bargain of the year!! $2.99 swimming pool
We have had more fun than I ever imagined with this little pool.


jenduran78 said...

I love the bathing beauty. Very cute.

Lucia, Adam, Noah and Camille said...

We'll have to check out that spot in Oakland next time we visit my in-laws. And yes, amazing to see how much enjoyment can come from $2.99! Hope you are having a good summer and staying cool. I "tagged" you. Visit my blog to get more info. No pressure to participate (I don't usually do those things, but have to admit to enjoying this one).